The large site of the Tarn, Jonte and Causses Gorges

Vase de Sèvres - MAP

Vase of Sèvres – MAP

Often compared to the Grand Canyon, the Tarn and Jonte gorges offer 70 km of deep gorges cutting into the immense plateaus of the Causses Sauveterre, Méjean and Noir.

Trips down the river, characterful villages, varied plant life and birds of prey, including the famous vultures, are among the pleasant surprises in store for visitors. A wide range of outdoor sports is also available: canoeing, kayaking, mountain climbing, via ferrata, mountain biking, hiking itineraries, places to swim, etc.

Every rock and village has its own legend or tells the story of a prosperous medieval past. Even today, visitors enjoy strolling around the opulent-looking villages where the stone architecture blends in seamlessly with the beauty of the limestone landscapes.

Point sublime - MAP

Sublime point – MAP

The paths that once enabled the populations “down below” to trade with those on the plateaus, who practised agropastoralism, now offer panoramic views of majestic gorges.

Agricultural activity is still very much in evidence on the Causses, and the cooler air of the high plateaus in the summer is reason enough to go and discover the flocks of sheep, cheese dairies and thriving rural heritage that abounds among the hamlets and paths.

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