Acrobi Parapente

Learn to fly on your own in our school, or come and discover free flight easily and enjoy the unique view and the feeling of freedom that flying a tandem paraglider will bring you.

 An unforgettable experience, guided by an instructor just for you, without vertigo, because you don’t jump, you take off. It changes everything!

Several flight formulas depending on your age and your desires:

-Discovery flight in calm conditions in the morning for small weights: 65 €.

– in ascents for adults: 95 €.

-Acrobatic flights for those who like to have a thrill: 115 €.

-of duration and distance for gourmets: 175 €.

– open to people with reduced mobility thanks to our Hand’Icare wheelchairs.

 -Photos and videos on SD card: 30€.

 On reservation from Easter to All Saints Day.