Antipodes saut à l’élastique

Both legs firmly tied, standing on the parapet; emotions running high, the moment is intense, the shouts of encouragement get louder and louder. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO NOW IS TO JUMP!!! however the decision was taken a while ago! The desire is there! You just have to ‘jump’!!! Does the unknown of a bungee jump seduce you… GO FOR IT!!! Fear… Desire… Joy… Speed… Wind… Madness… Elation… Headiness… Joy… Ecstasy. You come back down to earth, chuffed to bits, heady, exhausted, the moment is unforgettable… YOU DID IT!!! All that remains to do now is to savour the memory or have another go!!!

Other activities proposed in partnership: canoeing, pedestrian hikes, orienteering, ATB, paragliding.

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