La Barbote Canoë Kayak

Different courses for different skills: 


Le Rozier-Rivière sur Tarn: 10km of family-friendly, calm and peaceful sailing. From 9AM to 3:30PM. 

Les Vignes-Le Rozier: 11km — a more difficult course in a beautiful natural spot. Bus departures every hours from 9:30AM to 3:30PM. Only from 7 years old. 

La Malène-Pas du Souci: 10km of family-friendly sailing in the Détroit des Gorges. Starts at 9:30AM or 1:15PM. 

FULL DAY (take your picnic):

Les Vignes-Rivière (21km): starts at 9:30AM or 10:30AM and arrival at 4:30PM or 5:30PM.

La Malère-Le Rozier (21km): Starts at 9:30AM, arrival at 5:30PM


La Malène-Rivière sur Tarn (31km): Starts at 9:30AM and arrival the day after at 12:30PM or 4:30PM

Or Prades-Le Rozier


Prades-Rivière (we carry out the portages).

ALSO access to a 1km large body of water where you can go with your children. (€7/kayak and €10/canoe). Initiation in groups by a qualified instructor for children with parents. Half day, full day or several days. 

You should know how to swim. 

Other activities in partnership: tree-topo walking, climbing, caving, bungee jumping, dry canyon, paragliding and VF.