Abyss of Bramabiau

This listed cultural site in the municipality of Saint-Sauveur-Camprieu, in the department of Gard in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, is a cavity with an underground river emerging from it through a joint (the result of a rock splitting up without the separated parts moving away from each other) standing 70 m tall.

Between Mont Aigoual and the Tarn Gorges, at the bottom of the Hypogée canyon, the River Bonheur continues the erosion process within the abyss.

Édouard-Alfred Martel discovered Bramabiau Abyss in September 1884, the year in which he also explored the Dargilan cave, the Armand sinkhole and the Padirac chasm. On 28 June 1888, Martel guided a crossing through it in the company of some other adventurers, thus laying the foundations of speleology.

Inspired by these pioneering discoveries, other speleologists explored the twists and turns of the abyss to find out more about it, especially its topography.

The first visitor facilities were created in 1925. Today, the abyss is open to the public for guided tours along a 1 km circuit, from April to the last day of the autumn half-term holidays.

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