Interdepartmental Alliance Causses & Cévennes

Created on 11 April 2012 by the 4 Departments concerned by the Property (Aveyron, Gard, Hérault and Lozère), the Entente Interdépartementale des Causses et des Cévennes fulfils the mission of implementing the management guidelines.
Identified as a State-appointed management body by a convention signed with the Coordinating Prefect, this authority is governed by the Code Général des Collectivités Territoriales (General Code of Local Authorities).

The Entente des Causses et des Cévennes is currently chaired by Ms Sophie PANTEL, President of Lozère Departmental Council.
Since September 1st 2016, the Technical Mission is composed of :

What are the missions of the Entente Causses & Cévennes?

  • To work with the Coordinating Prefect and existing organisations to coordinate and manage the Property
  • To manage the use of the UNESCO World Heritage Site label for the Causses and Cévennes
  • To decide on and implement the necessary communication, knowledge-building and promotion actions

The Property’s territory covers over 3,000 km² and involves many stakeholders (Parks, public-private partnerships, CPIE, Consular Chambers, CAUE, CDT, ADT and ADRT, etc.) working on interconnected areas and themes. As an operational organisation in the field, the Entente does not aim to replace the jurisdiction of the existing organisations but is in charge of coordinating local initiatives relating to the demands of Property conservation, in order to develop a synergy that helps to enhance and preserve the Causses and Cévennes.

Entente Interdépartementale des Causses et des Cévennes
23ter, av. Jean Monestier 48400 FLORAC
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+334 66 48 31 23