The Steering Committee

This is the consultative body in charge of providing guidance and recommendations for the management of the Property, in collaboration with the territory’s local managers. The Association de Valorisation de l’Espace Causses et Cévennes (AVECC – Association for the Enhancement of the Causses and Cévennes Area) fulfils this steering committee mission. It was formally established on 28 June 2012. Its Chairman is Mr Frédéric ROIG, Member of Parliament for Hérault.

The Steering Committee is supported by a Scientific Council composed of some thirty specialists in the territory (landscape architects, archaeologists, ethnologists, geographers, heritage curators and engineers).

The Steering Committee includes legal entities of public law and private law, divided into ex officio members and participating members within the general assembly:

Ex officio member:

The Entente Interdépartementale des Causses et des Cévennes (Interdepartmental Alliance of the Causses and Cévennes)

Participating members:

College of local authorities

College of public and semi-public partner organisations

College of associations

The aims of the Steering Committee are:

  • to draft the management plan and action plans
  • to help draft the Property conservation status reports
  • to monitor the Scientific Council’s work
  • to implement and monitor the working groups