The Territorial Conference

Created on 13 January 2012, the Territorial Conference is chaired by the Coordinating Prefect, who is appointed by the Prime Minister. It is the decision-making body that sets guidelines for managing the Causses and Cévennes Property and validates the objectives involved in ensuring the proper conservation of the Property.

Official inscription ceremony UNESCO 2012 © EICC

Official inscription ceremony UNESCO 2012 © EICC

The participating organisations include: the General Councils of Aveyron, Gard, Hérault and Lozère, the Regions of Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées, the Cévennes National Park, the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park, the Centre Permanent d’Initiatives pour l’Environnement des Causses méridionaux (Permanent Centre for Environmental Initiatives of the Southern Causses), the Associations of Mayors, the Syndicats Mixtes de Navacelles (Public-Private Partnerships of Navacelles) and the Tarn, the Consular Chambers, Councils of Architecture, Planning and Environment, the representatives of the gateway towns, the Association de Valorisation de l’Espace des Causses et des Cévennes (Association for the Enhancement of the Causses and Cévennes Area), the Scientific Council and the Entente des Causses et des Cévennes (Alliance of the Causses and Cévennes), the Departmental Committees and Departmental Tourism Agencies, and the Areas concerned by the territory.

The permanent guest members of this body are: the Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, the Minister for Culture and Communication, and the Minister for Ecology and Sustainable Development.

Thus the Territorial Conference plays a leading role in the coordination and management of the Property’s conservation.