The CPIE of causses méridionaux


The CPIE of the Southern Causses (CPIE des Causses Méridionaux), an association founded in 1994, broadly aims to ensure the safeguarding, enhancement, concerted, sustainable development and promotion of the Hérault and Gard Causses and their piedmonts in the Lodévois and Vis and Virenque Gorges.

The association was awarded the CPIE label in 2002, which stands for Centre Permanent d’Initiatives pour l’Environnement (Permanent Centre for Environmental Initiatives), and thus focuses on the environmental aspect of sustainable development through environmental education and support for the territories.

The CPIEs have a strong grassroots presence and work on projects with socio-economic stakeholders to reach consensus between the various users of the environment.

The CPIE of the Southern Causses is made up of equal numbers of elected officials, farming and forestry professionals, and also associations for the protection of nature, education and the environment, and hunters from Gard and Hérault in equal measure.

To successfully complete its missions, the CPIE is organised into four main areas:

– territorial development (space management)

– education and environmental awareness (activities for the public, activities for schools, interpretation, educational tools, etc.)

– an agriculture and environment resource centre (documentation centre, photo library, cartography, GIS, observatories)

– publications (5 collections currently).

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Le CPIE des causses méridionaux