Les Régions

The territory of the Causses and Cévennes involves 2 Regions: Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées. The Regions are local authorities created by the decentralisation law of 2 March 1982, and manage their affairs freely with an elected executive council.


Terraces in the Cévennes ©EICC

Terraces in the Cévennes ©EICC

The Regions have responsibility for economic development in the field of planning, provision of local amenities and land use (Regional Plan for Sustainable Development of the Territory). They manage direct or indirect aid to businesses to encourage them to set up in the regional territory. They play a major role in the drafting and implementation of the regional part of the State-Region plan contract. They manage regional passenger transport, including rail (network of regional express trains, TER) and help to finance infrastructure, such as the construction of new TGV high-speed train lines.

The Regions also have responsibility for education and vocational training:

– They implement continuing vocational training and apprenticeship programmes, including access to training for young people in difficulty, and sandwich courses;

– They oversee the construction, maintenance and operation of generalist secondary schools and agricultural schools and teaching establishments.

With the Law of 27 February 2002, new powers which previously belonged to the State were transferred experimentally to the regions, namely the protection of heritage, the development of seaports and airports, environmental preservation with the implementation of a regional air quality plan, classification of regional nature reserves, drafting of a Regional Plan for the Climate, Air and Energy with a wind power component, drafting of a Regional Plan for Ecological Coherence, etc.

Dry-stone wall ©EICC

Dry-stone wall ©MCM

As agriculture is an important part of these Regions’ economy, they invest heavily in support for agricultural activity, whether in the field of training, engineering, or technical and financial support, with the aim of developing quality agriculture to promote the products of their territory: AOC, PGI, Sud de France (South of France), Sud-Ouest de France (South-West of France), Agriculture Biologique (organic farming), etc.

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